Alpha v0.2 released!

UPDATED: Double of everything!

We are now 1 year into development, and double the time worked must mean double the content. We now have:

  • Twice as many world events
  • And twice as many event types!
  • Twice the number of available vehicles
  • Twice as many performance upgrades!
  • Twice as much visual customisation!
  • Twice the sound effects
  • Twice the music!
  • Twice as many lights!
  • Twice as much city detail
  • Twice as much progression
    • Money is earned through races and hidden in the world
    • Money is used to buy upgrades and new vehicles
  • Three times the amount of garage types

And a whole lot more!


Drift King - PC v0.2 128 MB
Jan 14, 2022

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