A downloadable game for Windows

UPDATED: Double of everything!

We are now 1 year into development, and double the time worked must mean double the content. We now have:

  • Twice as many world events
  • And twice as many event types!
  • Twice the number of available vehicles
  • Twice as many performance upgrades!
  • Twice as much visual customisation!
  • Twice the sound effects
  • Twice the music!
  • Twice as many lights!
  • Twice as much city detail
  • Twice as much progression
    • Money is earned through races and hidden in the world
    • Money is used to buy upgrades and new vehicles
  • Three times the amount of garage types

Super early alpha build! Not representative of the final product, of course

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In-game tutorial included!


  • Hold handbrake + accelerate with 4WD cars for precision drifting
  • Tap the regular brake while in a drift in RWD cars to tighten the turn
  • Off-road tyres are more unstable on roads, but this allows for prolonged drifts
  • Search the map for hidden money. If you're struggling for cash, there is a stash hidden to the north at an interesting archaelogical site.
  • You can replay races for more money and switch cars at your personal garage, marked by the purple icon on the map

Install instructions

If you have previously played this game, you'll want to start a new game to not run into any issues with old saves! This is a very early alpha, things could break! Enjoy!


Drift King - PC v0.2 128 MB
Drift King - PC v0.1 170 MB

Development log


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Great start! Like the aesthetic of the car in particular. Menus crowd the screen a bit though


Drift king - Official intro by 'MELLOW' - YouTube 

I made this, I thought your game was cool.

(1 edit)

Looks good, I will  try it soon!


Y'know, they used to call RT "The Drift King" back in college...