A downloadable game for Windows

Super early alpha build! Not representative of the final product, of course

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In-game tutorial included!


  • Hold handbrake + accelerate with 4WD cars for precision drifting
  • Tap the regular brake while in a drift in RWD cars to tighten the turn
  • Off-road tyres are more unstable on roads, but this allows for prolonged drifts
  • Search the map for hidden money. If you're struggling for cash, there is a stash hidden to the north at an interesting archaelogical site.
  • You can replay races for more money and switch cars at your personal garage, marked by the purple icon on the map

Install instructions

If you have previously played this game, you'll want to start a new game to not run into any issues with old saves! This is a very early alpha, things could break! Enjoy!


Drift King - PC v0.2 128 MB
Drift King - PC v0.1 170 MB

Development log


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how do i start playing it


download it,and then open the .exe (if this is a legit question)

para una experiencia 1000% mejor, escuchar drift phonk de fondo

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Love it! Great game already. Any estimate on when multiplayer mode will be added?

Also,would it be possible to add 1st Person and some easter eggs(already found the temple ;D)?
And Maybe,if possible of course, visual Damage? For example if you crash ,you get e.g. scratches. Physical Deformation is not required,as it would only make the game more rescource intensive,and would "ruin" the low-poly asthetic. (Only an idea of course :D)

Also,please make the invisible borders of the roads a bit smaller,I crashed itno them a lot in "unreality"


And will the full release still be free?

Hey, thanks for the support! I've done a lot of camera work since the last alpha was released, and this includes firstperson and hood views! I've just started on the multiplayer, and will be doing some limited beta testing soon, let me know if you'd like to be a part of that!

In terms of physical damage, I'm still iterating on what kind of damage I want in the game, seeing as it's arcade I don't want to punish the player too severely for hitting barriers, but it'd be cool to wreck the car at least visually.

The full release won't be free, since I want to have a solid, healthy multiplayer, and good servers don't come cheap. It won't be much though!

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Great start! Like the aesthetic of the car in particular. Menus crowd the screen a bit though


Drift king - Official intro by 'MELLOW' - YouTube 

I made this, I thought your game was cool.


why did you take it down again? copyright problems?

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Looks good, I will  try it soon!


Y'know, they used to call RT "The Drift King" back in college...