Our biggest content update yet!

Two new stages have been added, based on highly popular multiplayer FPS levels, 2Fort and Facing Worlds!

In addition to this, we've added:

  • A new weapon, The Oppressor, a powerful long ranged sniper rifle
  • A killfeed, that will congratulate you on your sick kills, and deride your failures, how pleasant!
  • Light intensity is impacted by the music, increasing the intensity of matches!
  • Prevent stages being replayed until all available stages have played through once, greatly reducing the frustration of being stuck with a certain stage!
  • Boomer now has a slightly smaller explosion radius
  • Another design pass over existing characters to make them much more fully match the art style
  • Fireworks!


OkBoomer.zip 28 MB
Dec 01, 2019
OkBoomer-Mac.zip 32 MB
Dec 01, 2019

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