A downloadable game for Windows

Blow up your mates! Technicolour explosions! Shitty memes!

Developed by George "Mellow" Paton

Character design by Jono "Partywolf" Turnbull

Music by Dusan "Heavy D" Jasevski

Requires gamepads to play, can be played alone against bots or with up to 3 mates!


  • Left stick/D-Pad - Movement
  • Right stick - Aiming
  • Right trigger - Fire
  • Left shoulder/A (Xbox) - Jump
  • X (Xbox) - Pickup
  • Esc key - Close game


  • You can wall jump for improved mobility!
  • If you crouch while running, you'll enter a slide! Use this to get under small gaps quicker
  • Tap down to fall through platforms!
  • Tap up to jump!
  • Weapons have limited ammo, shoot wisely!


OkBoomer.zip 39 MB

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