A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Get through the Chocolate Factory's 10 levels, eating all the chocolate you can! The owner of the factory seems a little weird though...

Built in less than 72 hours for LÖVE Jam 2021! #lovejam2021


  • Spacebar - Hold to charge, release to jump
  • Left/Right Arrows - Aim while charging
  • Escape - Leave the factory

Install instructions

Download LÖVE to run the .love file directly!

(Windows only) Download and unzip the whole folder somewhere, and run the .exe!


loccys-choccys.zip 10 MB
loccys-choccys.love 7 MB
loccys-choccys-1.0.1.love 7 MB


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that was fun, I would have done a scheanshot at the end but the game sent me to the home screen when I hit ctrl